Guide to Getting Your Art Work Online

Here is a list of the leading online galleries selling and exhibiting Ceramic Artist's work. They all offer different deals for artists who want to sell their work online, check them out and see which one suits you the best.


GUILD.comThe largest contemporary art and fine craft e-commerce site selling the artwork of the country's top artists and galleries. Join many other ceramic artists selling their work on (ClayStation Affiliate) 

American Hand Art Join American Hand Art. Looking for Artists working with Raku, Sculptural/Decorative, Functional/ Tableware,and Decorative Tile (ClayStation Affiliate)


Art Mecca We have an extensive searchable database of art priced from $35 to $10,000. Includes large selection of Ceramic Art works. (ClayStation Affiliate) marketplace for emerging artists, and therefore offer a unique selection of original artwork. In addition to having the finest choice of original artwork online, we also bring the buyer and the artist together. As a potential buyer, you can email the artist to find out more about his or her work. Large section devoted to fine works of ceramic art. (ClayStation Affiliate)
   Pottery and Glass Auction (Ebay) Sell your pottery on the ebay auction. (ClayStation Affiliate)

  1. - Where artists and collectors discover each other - An innovative online art gallery selling original artwork by emerging and established artists. (ClayStation Affiliate) It would be GREAT to see your work on We are slowly building a base of studio potters and I encourage any and all to join us. Please tell your friends. offers an online gallery without charging fees or commissions. A collector/buyer would contact the artist directly. The site offers four categories, galleried artists, emerging artists, and student art. The artist can create and control portfolios in as many subcategories as he likes. Each portfolio consists of up to six jpg formatted images. Your editorial changes & updates are made in real time- any time YOU want Free set-up -- No commision charge on sales -- Buyers can not make credit card purchases. EASILY upload the images of your works on CafeArte from your own computer. You can edit all the information, including prices, description. Free set-up -- 20% Commision Charge on sales -- Buyers can make credit card purchases.

Breaking want to display your work in the gallery? it's free! not only do you get to display your work on the web with a fantastic url, but you also get the delicious email address and your own discussion page in the cafe! Exhibition space for ceramic sculpturors. Divided in four categories - Masters of Contemporary ceramic arts, Gallery for recognized professional sculptors, e-Annex - group of today's emerging artists, selected for their dedication and excellence, and Students @ - A collection of young artists chosen for outstanding artistic ability and craftsmenship. Certain to be the future of ceramic arts.

Maxtanan Member Artist benefit in several ways. By joining Maxtana as a Member Artists, you will become part of an online community of artists. As a community we reach a larger audience than a "one-man-web-site" and we allow you to network with other artists. As we grow and expand, the member artist will continue to benefit as we add new services and resources. There is no cost for membership and the process is simple.

Herring Designs, LC on-line galleries for marketing work of artists working in all media.


Click here to see a list of online exhibitions currently accepting applications for cyber shows.

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