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Throwing on the Potters Wheel

Resourcesful Links

Learning to Throw ( Solutions to throwing problems using a potter's wheel
from the potter's point of view

Throwing on the Wheel (

Throwing Techniques ( Discussion pertaining to techniques used on the potters wheel

Basic Throwing This article by Northern California artist and teacher, Bill Geisinger is guaranteed to help you to become more proficient on the potters wheel.

Throwing on the Wheel - 4 Steps (John Hester) A beginners guide to the art of ceramics

Pottery Tips and Techniques (Elizabeth Priddy) How to test for and locate the center, recenter or "truing," get height through a vertical stack, and make a juicer.

Making and Attaching Handles (John Hester) A beginners guide to the art of ceramics

Sondahl's Pottery tips (Brad Sondahl) Tips on how to make pottery tools and equipment, and oxidation glaze recipes, including crystalline glazes.

How to Throw a Large Pot (CeramicsToday)

Process: Throwing: Photos In this series, the photos go from wedging to taking the pot off the wheel. They demonstrate the stages of throwing a cylindrical form, the hand positions I use, and other details that may be useful for beginners or those who are just curious about the process.


Article Guide: Throwing

Throwing Books

Throwing Videos

How to Make Pottery, A Step by Step look (Location: Edmonton, Canada ) This site describes the steps we use in making wheel thrown pottery at our production studio in Edmonton Alberta and illustrates them with large colour photos. We now offer the first in a series of dvd videos on how we make pottery where "the pot is the star", not the potter. Multiple camera angles and cut aways show amazing detail of wheel throwing.


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