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Handbuilding Techniques
Ceramic Art Technique Guide


Handbuilding Techniques (eScribe) Archives of ClayArt - Online Discussion Group

Sculpture Clay Recipes (Nan Smith)

How to Construct Clay Instuments (ClayStation)


Pinch Construction

Kristin Doner's Pinch Pot Technique (

Making Pinch Pots (John Hester) A beginners guide to the art of ceramics

Making pinch pots (Fire and Form)

Slab Construction

Art Lesson

Making Slab Pots (John Hester) A beginners guide to the art of ceramicsSlabMat (Herring Designs, LC) a textureless alternative to canvas for slab rolling

Making a Slip Cast Slab (ClayStation) Andy Clift's brief explanantion of how to make super strong, very plastic slabs out of clay slip and a plaster bat.

Coil Construction

How to construct a coil pot (John Hester) A beginners guide to the art of ceramics

How to make a coil pot - part 2 (John Hester) A beginners guide to the art of ceramicsHANDBUILDING 101: Lesson 2 -- Coil Construction (

Art Lesson Title: Introduction to Creating a Clay Coil Pot

Andy's Specialized Handbuilding Techniques

Using a Hanging Apparatus (ClayStation) Andy Clift's explanantion of building clay sculptures on a hanging apparatus.

Internal and External Armatures (Nan Smith)

Firing Large Scale Sculpture (Nan Smith)

Clay Extruder

Functional Works
Pulling Handles ( Clayts Art Web Guide ) HOW TO-Tutorial with digital photo demo on pulling REALLY long clay handles.




Article Guide: Throwing


Books on Hand-Building :



Videos on Hand-Building



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