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Plaster Mold Making Resources & Techniques

The Art of Ceramic Mold Making (Dalzell Crafts and Ceramics) Ceramic Mold Making learn how to make a ceramic casting mold.

Dan Mehlman ( Mold maker services - I am a freelance designer, sculptor, modelmaker and moldmaker. Since 1983, I have provided services to the tableware and giftware industries, developing new products in ceramics, glass, metals, and resin.

Moldmaking ( ClayArt discussions arranged by subject.

USG Pottery Plaster #1 (Plaster Master) Fundamentals Plaster, Advanced Production Practices, Construction & Restoration, Drying Plaster Casts, Finishing Plaster Mold Making...

Slip Casting Resources & Techniques

Basic Slip Casting (Ceramisweb) Richard Burkett - SDSU 1993

The Art of Slip Making (Laguna Clay)

Casting the mold with clay slip (Beulah's Ceramic & Doll Center, Inc.) Very professional page with picture and explanation of how to slip cast with caly silp.

What is Slip Casting (Ryker Studios)

Slipware ( ClayArt discussions arranged by subject.

INDCO, Inc - industrial mixing equipment


Understanding the Terra Cotta Slip Casting Recipes In North America (

Understanding the Deflocculation Process in Slip Casting (

PPP: Successful Slip Casting (Ceramic Industry) With the right preparations and production standards, you can easily achieve success with slip casting. Richard Juckel

Books on Making Molds and Slip Casting


Videos on Casting and Moldmaking

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