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Glaze Research (Ian Currie) All about glazes and their properties.

Super-Refined Terra Sigillata (Digitalfire) Vince Pitelka

Glaze data for newbies, What is a glaze? (Pottery Usenet newsgroup)

David Lawrence's search to reproduce Chinese Jun glazes (Ceramic Review/David Lawrence) David Fry has carried out extensive research into Chinese glazes and now uses this as a base for the unique range of glazes he has formulated for his ceramics. Here he outlines his quest for a Jun glaze.


Distinguishing Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain (ClayStation) This article discusses the history of forming useful and decorative pieces from clay and the distinctions between pieces after the firing process. by Bill Zemon -


Health issues of Various Raw Materials (ClayStation) Submitted articles by Edouard Bastarache Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Stannous Chloride and Vanadium Pentoxide.


Other Online Clay-related Article Resources

Article Index (Ceramics Monthly) Looking for an article about or by a particular artist? Can't remember when that article on Cone 6 glazes was published? You can now search for the title or the author's last name of every feature from every issue of Ceramics Monthly since 1953.

Must Reads (Ceramics Monthly)

Sondahl's Magazine Articles
Unusual Pottery Markets, Adding a Coil Foot, Young Upstarts and Old Stick-in-the Muds, Collecting pottery- a potter's view, Crystalline Glazes, Natural Beauty: A potter's tale of terrors, Finding your niche, Teaching and the production potter, Cost of a Mug:Analysis of costs of production, Gas or Electric Kiln? ...

Ceramics Articles (

Glaze Exchange News and Articles ( A resource for the ceramic artist to share and contribute glaze recipes, upload content in the form of ads, links, gallery space, discussion and articles.


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