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Building and Maintaining a Ceramic Studio & Equipment
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If you are like me, someone who wants to work with clay somehow someway, but lacks the bucks to build a state of the art studio, these links may help you create an affordable ceramic studio. If you know of any links you think I should add to this list send me an e-mail.

Related Books

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Studio Plans

Build Your Own Wheel


Fix a Wheel

  • Ceramic Suppliers Directory (Claystation) If you need to fix your potters wheel the best way to get info is to contact your wheel manufacturer. This page list most of the major U.S. Pottery wheel manufacturers.


Wheel Resources


Build Your Own Kiln


    • Build your own Raku kiln Cheap ($160) (Randall Clayborn)
    • email:
    • Meet Rocky Raku, A portable raku kiln for under $50.00 which can reach melt temp (16 to 1800F) in 30 seconds. Now, for the first time: "Smokeless Raku" A useful method to do raku in confined areas where unwanted smoke doesn't occur. Make raku tongs for less than $10.00. Free tong instructions with combo order: Rocky Raku, Raku Tiles, Smokeless Raku.


Kiln Resources
Fixing A Kiln
  • Kiln Repair Service Directory (Elucids Kilns and Elements)
  • Easy Access Kiln Switch Box (by Beverly Howard) Some Tips on Rebuilding the Electrical Components on a Studio Potter's Electric Kiln.
  • BPQ KILN PAGE (BPQ Austrialia) Page about Electric Pottery Kilns, including repairs, operation, kiln controllers, Pyrometers, Thermocouples, Workplace Health & Safety, Includes links to others sites and information about Gas kilns also.

Other Links and Resources, on Making Potter Studio Equipment

Welding, Cutting, & Brazing (OSHA)

Spray booths photos and plans (Mary's Page)

Clay recycling, Hand glaze stirrer, Drill Powered Mixer, Ready made tools, Make your own wedging table (Brad Sondahl) Tips on how to make pottery tools and equipment. 

Books on Making Equipment

Building Pottery Equipment By Harvey RogerBooks on Kilns
Construction Electric Firing History



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