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Ceramic Artist's Guide to Raw Materials
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Raw Material Resources

Digitalfire INSIGHT Glaze Calculation Software, Ceramic Chemistry to Formulate and Maintain Glaze Recipes INSIGHT glaze software from Digitalfire helps you apply glaze chemistry to formulate and adjust ceramic glazes, enamel, glass and porcelain compounds

Ceramics and Industrial Minerals Resource List ( You can browse the list or use the search window to find what you are looking for. Not for individual raw material searches.

Minerals Index (

Chemistry ( Search ClayArt discussions by subject.

Materials ( albany slip, barium, clay, cobalt, copper, frits, gerstley borate, kiln wash, lead, manganese, paperclay, plaster, rutile, misc.
Clay and Glaze Materials (Tripod) Glaze materials in eight general groups. The Feldspars, the Clays, the Modifyiers, the Ashes, the Metallic oxides, the synthetic stains , the lead Frits and Quartz.

MatWeb the FREE materials information database with property data on 19,956 materials including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

Unit Conversion

The MSDS HyperGlossary: Mass Unit Conversions



Raw Material Descriptions

Ceramic Materials Database (Digitalfire) This is a large list of materials with its own search engine. It includes hundreds of frits and provides physical and descriptive information on most materials. Rather than reciting a bunch of numbers, the information is designed to help you understand exactly what each material is.

Oxides Database (Digitalfire) A list of dozens of ceramic oxides and the properties you need to know about them.

Addition Materials List (Matrix) The following pages list materials data in alphabetical order for those who may wish to place new materials into their glaze calculation software.

Ceramic Products by Property and Application (Hammil & Gillespie) A Chart Illustrating Selected Products.



Material Subsitutions

Frit Chart (ClayPeople)

Frit substition chart (Frank Gaydos) This section is a cross reference of someavailable frits showing where you can substitute among different brands.

Substitutions for raw ceramic materials (Edouard Bastarache) Bilingual site on which I offer my book in many languages.



Health and Safety 

MSDS-Search 2000 Website offering free access to over 1 million MSDSs.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

MSDS Links There are several places on the INTERNET which have huge databases filled with MSDS information. Most of these sites are searchable by chemical name, manufacturer name, and/or CAS.

Health and Safety (CeramicsWeb)

Having Glazes Tested for Extractable Metals (Frog pond Pottery)

Health issues of Various Raw Materials (ClayStation) Submitted articles by Edouard Bastarache Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Stannous Chloride and Vanadium Pentoxide.

dust & fumes, health, toxicity, misc ( Search ClayArt discussions by subject.

Barium Carbonate ( Search ClayArt discussions by subject.




Articles on other sites

DigitalFire Articles on Materials Articles about various topics concerning raw materials.

DigitalFire Articles on Safety A variety of articles by different authors on general safety issues and individual materials types which are are cited as hazardous.

Books on Raw Materials

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