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Glazestation: Glaze and Finish Resources

Glaze and Finish Links

GlazeTeach (Matrix) a basic course in glaze technology. Glaze Teach is a free, self paced, instructional resource which aims to help you to come to grips with the basic principles of ceramic glaze technology.

Articles on Glazes (ClayStation) Technical Ceramic Articles

How to Glaze Beautiful Pots (Pottery Guide) This article gives specific guidelines for beginner and intermediate potters tohelp achieve better glaze results.

Pottery tips (Brad Sondahl) Plenty of Glazing Tips. Idaho potter Brad Sondahl's Pottery Tips Favorite ways I do things:

Solving Glaze Defect (Orton) PDF File

Understanding Crazing (Orton) PDF File

Crazing & Crackle ( Search ClayArt discussions by subject.

Faults ( Search ClayArt discussions by subject.

Making Foodsafe Ware (Orton) cones and firing techniques

Solving Glaze Defects, Blisters, Craters and Pinholes (Orton) cones and firing techniques

Glaze Research (Ian Currie) All about glazes and their properties.



Clay and Glaze Exploration ( Brian Gartside ) The pages in this gallery are selected from a series of articles that I wrote for the "New Zealand Potter" magazine-mainly technical topics that describe easy and low-tech methods for glazing and clay formulation.


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  • Surface Decoration for Low-Fire Ceramics ( Lynn Peters - Slips, Terra Sigillata, Underglazes, Glazes, Maiolica, Overglaze Enamels, Decals (Lark Ceramic Series)
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Pottery Decoration ( Robert Fournier
  • Pottery Decoration ( Thomas Shafer
  • Resist and Masking Techniques ( Peter Beard
  • Decorating Ceramics ( M Pilar Nivarro - A Guide to the History, Materials, Equipment, and Techniques of Ornamenting Ceramic Objects With Applied, Incised, and painted decorations



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