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Firing Ceramic Bodies Orton Foundation Firing Tips


Miscellaneous Clay Body Recipes

Sculpture Clay Body Recipes Nan Smith

Clay Bodies (The Pot Page, William F. Petschel)

Clay Bodies's Glazedatabase - Clay Body Category


Paper Clay

Paper Clay - Jerry Bennett Information about paper clay

Paper Clay Network Rosette Gault This is the source for all info on paper clay, from the basics, to how to get advanced info and even ready-made paper clay

Graham Hay Paperclay Sculpture Graham Hay information, articles, images and links.

More on Paperclay Ceramics Technical Sculpture made with paperclay, by Australian ceramic artist Graham Hay.

Paper Clay Research Paper UIAH Department of Ceramics and Glass Leena Juvonen Research Scientist. Click here for full version of research paper on Graham Hay's web-site.

Paper Clay Making Chart (

Paper Clay Teachniques Chart (

An early article about paperclay ( 1993 32 New Zealand Potter No.3,1993





Stoneware Slip Casting Bodies Digital Fire



Recipes for Middle Eastern Pottery and Period-Looking Modern Ingredients - Period Turkish Clay Recipe - used for Iznik PotteryWhite Clay body for Middle Eastern Pots -


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