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Firing Guide: Raku
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Claystation Firing Guide Techniques: Raku Summary of American Style Raku Process Meet Rocky Raku, A portable raku kiln for under $50.00 which can reach melt temp (16 to 1800F) in 30 seconds. Now, for the first time: "Smokeless Raku" A useful method to do raku in confined areas where unwanted smoke doesn't occur. Make raku tongs for less than $10.00. Free tong instructions with combo order: Rocky Raku, Raku Tiles, Smokeless Raku.

Raku Links (Ceramics Today) Many Links to Raku glazes, techniques, and history. Similiar resource to this page.

Raku Article by Tom Buck (Digital Fire) Raku recipes I've been using for many years have been quietly turning from rainbow hues to brown - Revised recipes to overcome "this browning of the fired surface."

Raku ( ClayArt discussions organized by subject.

Naked Raku Technique (eScribe) Searches the posts about the Naked Raku technique within the eDisscussion group ClayArt.

Horse-Hair Raku Technique (eScribe) Searches the posts about the Horse-Hair technique within the eDisscussion group ClayArt.

Raku & Horsehair Raku (Moontime Dreams Pottery) Gallery of works by ceramic artist Audrey Skeen.

Raku Web Ring This ring is set up for people who are active in "raku" art for a job or in their spare time. It's a chance for artists and galleries to display their works in a place where it can be seen by other people.

Raku Art Techniques (Raku Art)18 Different Raku Techniques

Raku by Anji Warez

American Style RAKU Pottery (Feats of Clay) Bob Hayden

Raku (Frog Pond Pottery) Raku refers to a firing process rather than a type of clay...

Raku Frequently Asked Questions (Steven Branfman) What is Raku? Didn't Paul Soldner invent raku? How do pit, sawdust, smoke firing, and raku differ? ...

Raku Ware (Raku Museum) The Raku Museum is the unique specialisitic museum of Raku ware exhibiting a collection of Raku pieces handed down by the Raku family, a ceramic dynasty of 450 years' history and making further studies on this subject.

Raku Lost Glaze Technique (Roland Summer) All actual pieces are coilbuilt in different technics from grogged German stoneware clay. They are burnished when leatherhard and covered with thin layers of terra sigillata...

Wada Tozan Raku Style Tea Ceremony Bowls by Wada Tozan a the third generation of Wada family ceramists.


Articles Guide: Raku

Articles and Reveiws of Articles written by David Roberts

Just Raku Monthly Newsletter by Gary Ferguson

First You See It Then You Don't: Raku Glaze Stability Tom Buck discusses the change in color over time that can happen with some raku glazes.

Raku Low-firing in open kilns Article originally from NZ potery 1980 by Brian Gartside

Clay Times Article Index Lists articles on raku and issue it is in.

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