Final Results

 Group Shot of some of the participants of Marc Lancets Pit-Fire Workshop at the Nottingham Center for the Arts. October 31, 1999

Group Shot

It was estimated that the pit reached around 1600 degrees Fahrenheit so the pit was still hot and toasty as we started to unload it around 10:00 a.m. the next morning. Amongst the coals and ashes appeared the ceramic ware with wonderful rust and black marks left by the copper wire and mesh, along with lots of red flashing, oranges, rusts, whites and deep blacks.

To see the results of a couple of pieces from this firing by ceramic artist, Cara Macambi click here. Also, If there is anyone else who attended this workshop and has some pictures of the results, please don't hesitate in sending me some close ups of your pieces so I can add them to this web site.


Contact info

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this section of Andy Clift's ClayStation please go to the Claystation's Tech Forum to participate in the online discussion. Also if you would like to contact Marc Lancet of Solano Community College or Terry Sullivan of the Nottingham Center for the Arts click on their names to send them an email.
Written by Andy Clift

Click here for PDF version of ClayStation's Pit-Fire Techniques - A printer friendly format.



  • Lancet, Marc Neo-Primordial Pit Firing Workshop Handout. Nottingam Center for the Arts 30 Oct. 1999
  • Lancet, Marc Neo-Primordial Pit Firing Diagram. Nottingam Center for the Arts workshop handout. 30 Oct. 1999
  • Sullivan, Terry Pit fire and sawdust in metal can.... Email. Ceramic Arts Discussion List. 5 Nov 1999
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