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Pit Firing Links

Pit Firing Techniques with Mark Lancet (ClayStation) A comprehensive explanation of the pit-firing process, written by Andy Clift.

Rob Drexel Dramatic Decorative Pitfire Ceramics A playful presentation of pitfire master Rob Drexel's work, gallery information and biography.

Pit Firing ( Search ClayArt discussions by subject.

Pit Fire! (Nine Stones) Pictures taken at a pit firing on the beach in San Francisco, California. They show the basic steps in a primitive pit firing and tell you what to do in each step.

Pit firing Pictures (Stephen Adams) from a pit firing in May 1997.

Pit Fire (Mark L. Hessenflow) photos from a group pottery firing coordinated by Kathryn McBride.

Pit-Fired Pots (Moontime Dreams Pottery) Gallery of works by ceramic artist Audrey Skeen.

Primitive Surfaces, by Tony Nan (Ceramics web) Surfacing and firing info.

Firing Native American Pottery (Native American Technology and Art)

A photographic tour of firing native ameican pottery (Native American Technology and Art)

Pit Fire and Pit Firing Info (Matt Hoogland) Learn about pit firing methods used by Matt Hoogland


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