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Web & Computer Technology for the Ceramic Artist

Web and Computer Technology for the Ceramic Artist

Clay Related E-Newsletters

ClayStation Conveyor (ClayStation) A quarterly newsletter about the latest ceramics information on the net.

Clayart China (The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA) Information and Email newsletter monthly of Chinese clay art. It is a bridge of East and West ceramic cultural exchange.

Kiln Ezine (Kilnman) As a service to those of you who have to put up with the constant barrage of strange happenings with your kilns, we have decided to publish a free e-zine (electronic magazine). It is short and easy to read, but covers items of interest to you.


E-Discussion Groups


ClayArt (ACERS) the "electronic voice of potters worldwide." Subscriber-initiated discussions range from questions/answers on materials and techniques to business advice and philosophical debate.

Manage your ClayArt Subscription (ACERS) Join or leave the group, or change your settings for e-mail delivery.

ClayArt - Discussions organized by Dates (ACERS) Archives of ClayArt - thousands of emails great way to find written info on specific topics.

ClayArt - discussions organized by subject ( Archives of ClayArt - hundreds of subjects great way to find written info on specific topics.

Search the ClayArt Archives (eScribe) Archives of ClayArt - keyword search - another great way to find written info on specific topics.

Clayifornia (ClayStation & Egroups) California's email forum for the Ceramic Arts. Clayifornia is designed to be an open forum to discuss, display, educate, network, and announce events, that are clay related. This is a great way to get to know your friendly clay loving neighbors. This email list is brought to you by the ClayStation. Moderator: Andy Clift

Educlaytor (ClayStation & Egroups) The Educlator is an egroup or email discussion group created for educators in the realm of Ceramic Arts. This is a forum to share ideas, assignments, reading materials, experiences, and whatever else we make it to be.  Hopefully by joining this groups it will help each of us in some way in educating our students. This list is brought to you and maintained by the ClayStation.

Art World Stories (eGroup) a place for artists of all mediums to share with other artists their experiences with galleries, clubs, suppliers, stores, etc. Forum

Critical Cermics Hear/Say
ARticles Reader comments concerning Critical Ceramics articles.
re:VIEWS Reader comments concerning Critical Ceramics reviews.
Technical Discussions of a technical nature. Glazes, clay bodies, kilns...
Culture Discussions of culture and ceramics from around the globe.
Open Forum Anything goes (well, almost anything).

Statuary Place Discussion Forum (Statuary Place) Post a message or look at the Archives of Discussion in Statuary, Ceramics, Arts and Crafts - Online Discussion Group

The Ceramics Forum Message Board (Crafts Fair Online) Post a message or look at the Archives of Discussion in Statuary, Ceramics, Arts and Crafts - Online Discussion Group

Claytalk (Onelist) Claytalk is for positive people who like to work with ceramics. Trade glaze recipes, find out how to build a kiln or talk about your art work and where to sell it. We share all information freely so join us and let your mind explore the world of CLAY and it's possibilities. (Artist helping Artist) For more information:

ClayTalk (Onelist) Click here to search archives of Claytalk A resource for the ceramic artist to share and contribute glaze recipes, upload content in the form of ads, links, gallery space, discussion and articles.


Places to Ask Ceramic Related Questions There are many ceramic specialists, including me, that will answer questions at

List of Ceramic Consultants (Digital Fire) This list is provided to give you email access to consultants. Each of these people have applied with us to be listed here and are available. However we leave it to you to determine the suitability of any one individual to your needs

Message Board: Ask & Answer for ceramics (Duncan Enterprises) A free service to ceramists from Duncan Enterprises!

Discussion Board (Ceramics Industrial Materials) This live message board is provided as a service to the ceramics and minerals industries. If you have any ceramic or minerals related questions or comments, you can post them here and see what the world has to say about them. Please read the FAQ if you have any questions about this page or contact us at:

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