Raku (Ch) by American Ceramic Society

Raku (Ch) by American Ceramic Society
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Manufacturer Description

Raku has been a popular technique among potters for a long time - the roar of the fire, the glowing work, the dramatic results - are all part of the allure. But raku is more than just a technique, it's a way of thinking with an attitude of openness to the unexpected and willingness to use accidental happenings in developing your work. Raku encourages curiosity and exploration, and there's no end to the variety and quality possible in this medium.

British potter John Mathieson provides a clear and concise overview of the raku process, covering all the essentials; clay types, post firing reduction methods, and equipment. You'll also enjoy the tips and techniques shared by 30 experts on topics spanning the entire raku process from conception to final reduction.

The first four chapters cover the basics of raku including a brief history, a discussion of suitable clays, making and decorating techniques and some pointers on the importance of bisque firing.

In the chapter on glazes and glazing, Mathieson demystifies raku glazes as he discusses colors, oxides, stains, copper matts, materials and soluble salts. And you'll find more than 50 glaze, stain and slip recipes in the appendix to get started with. In addition, there's a brief discussion about glaze application and the effect of time on iridescence.

A couple of chapters are dedicated to raku kilns, with detailed discussions on fuel types, construction materials and burners. There are even six descriptions of simple raku kilns you can construct out of new and/or found materials as well as information on buying a ready-made commercial kiln. A discussion about raku safety precedes the chapter on the actual process of raku firing, a critical factor when doing this type of firing. In discussing the raku process, Mathieson leads you through each step beginning with the tools and setup to the quenching and cleanup.

When it comes to raku, a simple process can yield many results as found in the profile section. Here you'll discover some of the work, tips and techniques of 30 raku artists from 10 countries. And you'll realize that while the idea of fire and clay is universal, the thoughts of each artist reveal something unique that is both amazing and inspiring.

Louis Pasteur once said that chance favors the prepared mind. Potters rejoice in the chance offerings that fire provides when they're prepared, and Raku is the perfect book for preparing yourself for those serendipitous offerings of raku fire and smoke.