Ceramic Tile Resources

by Mary McDonough

Clay tiles have been made for thousands of years as utilitarian and as decorative art objects. People like to collect tiles because they are small, often beautiful expressions in clay, a material that asks to be touched. Most tiles fit in the palm of the hand. People enjoy the connection with the past. Buying, selling and making tiles is fascinating.

It's easy to learn about tiles, old and new, by researching the internet. The history of tiles can be found by searching "tile" by region, and contemporary tile-makers have their own website. Here are a few of my favorite tile web sites.

Ceramicai Costa Brava Ceramic Art on Tile We find the piece of Catalan ceramic art that you need at the best price. We buy from manufacturers. This is something that you'd buy if you visited this special region of Spain.

Tiles on the Web (Tom Colson's) Antique and contemporary tiles

The International Potters Path (CoA) Home of "The International Potters' Path" The Chapel of Art in Criccieth, GB-Wales is an art centre and gallery specialising in contemporary ceramics. Concerts, classes and events are also hosted this 19th century Chapel.

Antique Tile for the Collector (Jake the Craftsman)

Portuguese tiles Pinheiro's Tile Follow this site to find an incredible tile by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro

Search tiles - Wendy Harvey and Sandie Fowler's Tile Site Offers hundreds of antique tiles for sale, learn the history of the tiles - these are very well-researched tiles.

Tile Auction (Ebay.com) Internet auction site. Hundreds of antique and contemporary tiles auctioned off each day

Tile Cutters (Georgies.com) Great source for good sturdy tile-cutters if you'd like to make your own tiles. Many sizes available. E-mail them for information.

The WWW Tile Image Gallery The Tile Image Gallery is intended to show just how beautiful a tile can be. Many tiles which were made as a decorative or functional building item are now classed as ceramic art. To accompany each image is a very brief description and an indication of date of manufacture and/or design.

Museum of Medieval & Encaustic Tile The tiles in this collection date from the 2nd quarter of the 13th century. They cover medieval and gothic periods and continue on to the gothic revival era of the Victorian period ending with examples of Minton Tiles designed by Pugin. The collection is comprised of tiles mainly from France and England.

The Art of Turkish Tiles and Ceramics (Mimar Sinan University) The art of Turkish tiles and ceramics occupies a place of prominence in the history of Islamic art. Its roots can be traced at least as far back as the Uighurs of the 8th and 9th centuries. Associate Professor Dr. Sitare Turan Bakir

Newcastle Arts Center Tile project (David Lawrence)

Creative Tileworks Creative Tileworks, Custom Handmade Tile, Relief designs and field tile, will design to your need. High fire suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Cerámica de Creación S.L.L. Tiles for signposting, decoration, restoration, advertising Location Bilbao, Vizcaya Spain

Books On Tiles

  • American Art Tile : 1876-1941 by Norman Karlson Order Today! (In Association with Amazon.com) - A great study of tiles of America, thousands of examples with the history behind each pottery.
  • The Tile Club and the Aesthetic Movement in America by Ronald G. Pisano Order Today! (In Association with Amazon.com)
  • Handmade Tiles : Designing, Making, Decorating by Frank Giorgini Order Today! (In Association with Amazon.com) published by Lark Press
  • Search for Books on Ceramic Tiles (Bibliofind.com) This link has several books available on tiles, including the following book on making your own tiles. These are used books and the prices and conditions vary. It's good to check this link for books before you consider ordering a new one - the price savings can be really good, unfortunately if you choose to buy from Biblofind you are not supporting the ClayStation in any way.

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