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If you enjoy Ceramic Art and surfing the web this is the site for you. You could get lost in here for hours or maybe days. I do have a few suggestions to you when surfing this site. Some dates overlap into different sections, so here are some rules to abide by when searching for something.

If you are looking for an artist look in the century of which the artist lived most of their life in. If you are looking for a pottery, search for the date it was founded. Specific movements and styles in pottery will be listed according to when they were most in vogue.

Please Remember this is strictly an educational tool for students, teachers, ceramists, collectors, potters, art historians, and archaeologist. I am working hard to make this site a valid resource in researching the ceramic arts but please take note that the ClayStation or Andy Clift takes no responsibility for the content that you find on these pages, nor does it claim that the material on the ClayStation or the material on any other web site linked from the ClayStation is true or factual. If you know of any errors that are certainly incorrect please email the claystation with the corrections, so we can further improve the validity of this site

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