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Rudy Autio (Rattlesnake Valley Press) Contemporary ceramic sculpture

Clayton Bailey (Clayton Bailey) The ceramics and metal sculpture of Clayton G. Bailey - An exhibition of amazing ceramic wondersof Art, Science, Education and Entertainment. Click here to order Clayton Bailey's Book.

Meet Otto Heino (Biosphere Design) Potter Otto Heino is a true working craftsman, his life and work shaped by the post-World-War II studio craft movement.

Revolutions of the Wheel (Queens Row Films) A fabulously presented documentry film about the traditions of ceramics leading up to the Contemporary movement of ceramic Arts. Featuring Rudy Autio, Don Rietz, Peter Volkus, Paul Soldner, Adrian Saxe, and many others ceramic artists. This is a must see for all those pursuing a career in the Ceramc Arts.

Jun Kaneko Nebraska Ceramic Sculptor (Nebraska ETV Cultural Affairs) The Present Produced by Joel Geyer, Adapted from the documentary Is It Art?

Michael Lucero Sculpture 1976-1995

Toshiko Takaezus' Exhibition (Wood-fired Stoneware from Shigaraki) The Present Written by Shiho Kanzaki: List of achievements and pictures Takaezus' Exhibition.

Peter Callas
Peter Voulkos
Takao Okazaki
Ewen Henderson
Claude Champy
Jean-Francois Fouilhoux
Paul Soldner
Don Reitz
Richard Hirsch
Ron Meyers
Waylande Gregory
Susan Budge
Karen Copensky

Paul Soldner American Master -- An Online Clay Times Article

Voulkos in Black and White Website for Peter Voulkos. Includes a portfolio of Voulkos' works, resume, bibliography, quest section, newsletter of recent activity with links to other websites where Voulkos' work is reproduced.

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