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A Tribute to Robert Arneson (Xoom.com by Anonymous) Artworks,
Nuclear, Pollock, Self Portraits, Last Works, Friends, and Family. Information
Show Flyers, Interviews, Articles, Catalogs, and Links

Robert Arneson (Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden) 1930-1992 Bricks and Short biography

Robert Arneson : Self-Reflections Order Today! (In Association with Amazon.com) A Book by Robert Arneson, Gary Garrels, Janet C. Bishop, Jonathan d Fineberg

Robert Arneson : A Retrospective Order Today! (In Association with Amazon.com) A Book by Neal Benezra

History of Maria Martinez (Gonzales Consulting) A.D. 1887-1980 This site is currently under construction. History of Maria Martinez pottery. Pottery showroom of her ceramic works.

Maria Martinez Family Pottery Collection (The Millicent Rogers Museum) A.D. 1887-1980 has the distinction of owning an extraordinary collection of pottery by Maria and Julian Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

Maria Martinez (North Texas Institute) A.D. 1887-1980 includes biography and signifigant dated of her life.

George E. Ohr (Arts & Cultural Center) 1857 - About the Mad Potter.

The Mad Potter of Biloxi Order Today! (In Association with Amazon.com) A Book by Garth Clark, Robert A. Ellison, Eugene Hecht - The Art and Life of George E. Ohr

Adelaide Alsop Robineau (From Preservation Issues by Mary Henderson Gass) Volume 5, Number 2 - The American Woman's League, University City

The Bernard Leach Etching (David Lawence) Background info on Benard Leach as well as information about his etchings.

Beatrice.com (Beatrice Wood Studios) 1889 - 1994 This website will be updated regularly with historical and current exhibition information, new art works for sale, and special features.

I Shock Myself : The Autobiography of Beatrice Wood Order Today! (In Association with Amazon.com) A Book by Beatrice Wood, Lindsay Smith

Beatrice Wood Dies at age 105 (The Crafts Report) 1889 - 1994 by Bernadette Finnerty May 1998

Tribute Honors Beatrice Wood at Age 104 (The Crafts Report) 1889 - 1994 April 97

Phtos of Beatrice (Ojai Art) Robert Hale Photography Limited Edition Beatrice Wood Photographs

Passionate Potter (The Week) Tribute: Rebellious, radical and romantic, Beatrice Wood fell in love with life. And with India

Longevity's Paradoxes and Rewards (Plexus/Review) by Alexandra Anderson-Spivy Beatrice Wood and George Rickey

Biography of Beatric Woods (Women's International Center)

Beatrice Wood - Galleries and Dealers, Museums (Art in Context) 1889 - 1994 List of Galleries where artist work is displayed.

Beatrice Wood (Ojai) 1889 - 1994 Under construction

Pueblo Picasso's Ceramics (Artguide Northwest: Tacoma Art Museum) A.D. 1900 A New World Awakening From the moment the news spread that Picasso had become a potter, a new world suddenly awoke. . . All of a sudden, this imp of a man took it into his head to devote himself heart and soul to this form of plastic expression and take an interest in all its possibilities.

Picasso Ceramics (Galerie Madoura by Alain Ramié) A.D. 1900 - This is the foreword from the "Picasso's edited ceramic works."

Pewabic Pottery (Pewabic Pottery) Founded in 1903 Celebrating a Rich Heritage - Creating a New Legacy during the height of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America...

Native American Pottery (Hollister Collection of Southwestern) A.D. 1875 - 1966 Around 94 images of vibrant Native american pottery. Geographic AreaArizona (Hopi Pueblo), New Mexico (Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Acoma, Zia, Zuni, Picuris, Tesuque, Laguna, San Ildefonso, Cochiti, and Taos Pueblos, Maricopa)

Ceramic industrial history of Medicine Hat (Medalta Potteries Museum) Early to Mid 1900's Medicine Hat, Alberta - History of People or history of Companies.

Historical Pottery Books (Mary M. Claret) Books about studio pottery, art pottery, Robineau, Eva Zeisel, Bernard Leach.

Historic Manufacturers of the Arts & Crafts Movement (Rag time Resources) Late 1800's to Mid 1900's Art Pottery Shops

Adamson House (California State Parks) Established 1926 Malibu Tile: The tile of Malibu may be the most important part of the whole Malibu Lagoon story. May K. Rindge established the Malibu Potteries as a business venture in 1926.

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