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Ceramic Art History: 1300 A.D. - 1599 A.D.

A.D. 1300 - 1599

History of China Painting (Joann Currie) A.D. 1400 The finest porcelain called "white porcelain" was decorated with colors, fired over a glaze coat, in China during the Ming Dynasty (1400A.D.). Several colors were ground from different minerals, combined with an oil based media, applied and fired into the existing glaze coat.

Japan Window (Japan Window Project by Stanford University and NTT) Kasama-yaki (ceramics) A.D.1600, Kutani-yaki (ceramics) A.D.1600, Tamba Tachikui-yaki (ceramics) A.D. 1100, Imari / Arita-yaki (ceramics) A.D.1600,Tsuboya-yaki (ceramics) A.D.1600.

Pottery Links Specializing in Medieval Pottery (Kingdom of Atlantia Arts and Sciences) A.D. 1300 - A.D.1600 Keeping the Light of Knowledge Alive - Links to Ceramic Art History Resources specializing in Medieval Pottery, as well as links to different periods of Ceramic Art History, historic tiles, historic techniques, potters mailing list and much more...

The Art of Turkish Tiles & Books (TIMOK International) A.D. 1400 - 1600 Article Written by Dina Mangubi. The Turkish ceramic tiles, also known as Iznik Tiles, is a unique product with a dazzling history of glory during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. In the XV. and XVII. centuries, the Ottoman Emperors built magnificent palaces and mosques, lovely fountains and beautiful public baths, estates, courtyards and covered their walls with beautiful hand-painted tiles.

Asian Ceramics (The Field Museum/ACRO 1998 Asian Ceramics Conference) A.D. 1400 Why ceramics of the 15th centruy ? Why are they enigmatic? The central problem is identification, for most 15th century Asian ceramics remain hard to recognize.

Italian Renaissance Ceramics: (National Gallery U.S.) A.D. 1600 27 images of lovely renaissance plates.

French Renaissance Ceramics (National Gallery U.S.) A.D. 1600 3 images of French renaissance objects.

Sarreguemines cet été (Sarreguemines faience) Late 1700's The reputation of Sarreguemines faience is now well established.

History of Hollohaza Pottery and Ceramics (Hollohaza Porcelain Manufactory Co.) Late 1700's The current buildings of the Hollohaza Porcelain Manufactory Co., Ltd. are located in the very place where once in 1777 glass works were founded.

Arita (Silicon Magic, Inc.) 1600's Four hundred years ago, Arita, now known as the birth place of Japanese porcelain, was onIy a small viIlage in a pocket of the hills. It was Ri Sampei, a Korean potter, who started the history and tradition of the porcelain industry in Arita.