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Guide for Ceramic Art Educators
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Resource Links for Educators

The Art Room Its mission is to provide a virtual learning environment for exploring the world of art.

ArtsEdnet The Getty's Art Education Web Site - a guide to learning and teaching art. Your personal art teaching assistant. This site is full of ideas about teaching art for teachers, and students in primary, secondary and K12 schools.

Teaching ( browse though discussions from Clayart about teaching.

Access the institutions Database (NCECA) This database of Ceramics Institutions is intended as an educational tool to further learning in the ceramic arts. Teachers list your school on this Database for free!

College and Universities Ceramic Art programs with BA, BFA, and MFA degrees

Private and Community Studios offering classes to study the Ceramic Arts

Frances Ceramics site covers Ceramic courses, also inservice training for Art teachers

Regional Educator Resource Sites

The California Arts Project The California Arts Project (TCAP) is the state's subject matter project in Visual and Performing Arts. TCAP's central mission is to deepen teachers' knowledge of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, and to enhance instructional strategies for teaching these four disciplines to California's students, pre-kindergarten through postsecondary.

The AAAE is the direct result of a comprehensive two-year study which surveyed hundreds of superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, school board members, artists, professional arts administrators and community leaders regarding their views on arts education. Cincinnati Area

Lesson Plans for Ceramics

Wheel Thrown Wonders Lesson Overview: When researching sites all over the world, historians and archeologists value the discovery of the smallest shard or entire pieces of pottery as evidence of the civilization that existed in a given place.

Lesson Plans (Laurie Boese) Teaching Pottery to Children? This page is meant as a resource for teachers who wish to introduce pottery into their curriculum.

Teaching Online Experiences With Clay Art Ideas Junior & Middle School

Clay Tile Lesson Plan Grades: K - 2nd grades (Y1-2) SOURCE: (What will you start from?) To work with materials, tools and processes that are used when working with clay. ACTIVITY: (What you will do?) To create a clay tile using an insect theme.

Lesson Plan for Clay Birdhouses High School Studio Art

China Clay Project The staff at Healy School planned grade appropiate units on China focusing on history, culture, and geography. In the Kindergarten classes, the China Unit was integrated with clay. Each classroom displayed a project representing one of their lessons.

Lesson Plans on Clay Sculpture Lesson Plans Prepared by Maryann Webster Objective: To create a three-dimensional relief sculpture of a face. Students will be able to learn facial proportions. Students will be able to experience the tactile qualities of ceramic clay. Students will be able to experiment with creating emotional expressions on a face.

Art Lesson Plan Ceramic Plate An elementary lesson plan.

The Artistic Heritage of Clay Survival and Revival of Traditions - demonstrates how elective studio courses might be enhanced with the discipline-based approach.

Lesson Plans & Instructional These Lesson plans are brought to you by Skutt Ceramic Product in cooperation with American Art Clay Co., Inc. All Lesson Plans were scanned and converted to .PDF format (Portable Document File) Ceramic Tile Wall Murals, Portraits in Clay, Dig This, A Passion for Pots A lesson in Glaze Decoration for Students of all Ages, Creating Cast Paper Sculpture, Cave Art Revisited

Lesson Plan for Creating a ceramic tile using your name or initials which expresses your personality, likes, and/or hobbies.

Lesson Plan for Storytelling in Clay Prepared by Terri Sebastian

Pottery Making: The Coil Method Grade Level: Four through six - Objective: Students will explore how Native American potters created their pottery.

Lesson Plan - clay objects dry, water evaporates, and the weight of the object decreases Competency Goals: K-3 Science Goal 2: The learner will develop the ability to use science process skills. 1-3 Mathematics Goal 4: The learner will exhibit skills in using measurement. Objective: Students will understand that as clay objects dry, water evaporates, and the weight of the object decreases.

Lesson Plan Resource Sites

ARTSEDGE: Lessons is the National Arts and Education Information Network, operating under a cooperative agreement between the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the US Department of Education. The mission of ARTSEDGE is to help artists, teachers, and students gain access to and/or share information, resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K-12 curriculum.

Favorite Lessons ( The Incrediable Art Department

Lesson Plans (The Art Teacher Connection) More than 200 lesson plans described, labeled by grade, and linked in the following categories-Elements and Principles, Architecture,3-D, Crafts,Art History, Culture, Cartooning, Animation, Computer Graphics, Drawing, Painting and Printmaking plus sites with all areas. Cost $17.00 May include lesson plans for Ceamics, but not really sure.

Elementary and Secondary Art Lesson Plans and Resources


Books for Art Teachers


  The Art Teacher's Book of Lists by Helen D. Hume, Connie Kallback (Editor)

Recommended Books to use for class instruction (See ClayStation Book Store to see specific categories)

Project Ideas and Techniques
PDF Assignment Sheets
Links to Techniques
Pinch Pots (Hand-Building) Pinch Construction Links
Slab Mugs (Hand-Building) Slab Construction Links
Coil Vase (Hand-Building) Coil Construction Links
5 Cylinders / Mugs (Throwing) Cylinder Throwing Links
Covered Container (HB&orT) Covered Container (HB&orT)
5 Bowls (Throwing) Bowl Throwing Links
5 Vases (Throwing) Vase Throwing Links
10 Shapes Sculpture (HB&orT) Ceramic Sculpture Links
Descriptive Teapot (HB&orT) Teapot Links
Artifact Recreation (HB&orT) Ceramic Art History Links

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