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Ceramic Art Dictionaries
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Dictionaries - Term Definitions

Glossary of Ceramic Terms Tulane University

The Astbury A to Z of Pottery Terms

Ceramic Terminology Glossary (Digital Fire)

Pueblo Pottery Glossary (The Internet Public Library) Definitions of terms in reference to Pueblo Pottery.


Ceramic Terms - Translators

Thai Pottery Dictionary (by Louis Katz) The following dictionary is intended only for those who already speak some Thai. It contains only words of special. interest to potters and other artists. It is not a stand-alone phrase book. The print edition of this dictionary contains Thai Script and comes with a pottery guide. The guide includes directions and descriptions of many Thai pottery villages.

German Potters Dictionary (Kalkspatz) potters little german/english dictionary lists some hundred potters terms in English/ German and vice versa, and some in French, Italian and Spanish

English/Spanish Ceramic Vocabulary (Potters for Peace) This page is for anybody interested in picking up some Spanish (or English) pottery terms. Most of the terms included here are pretty common throughout the Spanish speaking world. Some, however, are uses found only in Central America, Nicaragua, or specific regions within Nicaragua. If you're planning to go on a PFP Brigade or apply for a PFP Internship, this list might be useful.

English to Japanese Pottery Words (Japanese

Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words (Robert J. Wilt) Dictionary and translator of Pottery words English/Danish, English/Dutch/French, English/French, English/French/Spanish, English/Portuguese, English/Spanish, and English/Swedish.


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