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New Classified Ads System, plus more!
Jul, 06 2005
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Hi Everyone,
I am working on the site everyday this summer. I am really excited about some new features. Lately, I have been working on adding many features that include: even more user interaction and site automation. There are two areas that I am upgrading. The Oppotunities in Clay area and the Classifieds system. The Classifieds area of my site is up and running now and can be seen at Claystation's Classified Ads.
by Andy Clift

Kilns: Theory and Practice : Updraft Kilns
Apr, 19 2005
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Most commercially built fuel kilns on the market today are updraft kilns, primarily because of the simplicity of building such a kiln as well as packing and shipping it. An updraft kiln consists of tow basic elements which contribute to its simplicity of design : Read More...

Another Great Ceramist Passes, Marilyn Levine Dies at 69
Apr, 11 2005
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I believe I am fortunate to have joined the Ceramic Arts Community when I did, around 1994, because it seems lately, we are losing many of our frontiers of the Ceramic Arts movement within Fine Arts. Most recently we have lost one of the best trompe l'oeil Ceramic Artists, Marilyn Levine. See for more details
by Andy Clift

Kilns: Theory and Practice
Mar, 23 2005
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In order to achieve the desired firing result, a potter must have some understanding of the basic types of fuel kilns. With gas kilns, the effect desired is usually accomplished by means of a so-called "reduction firing" rather than oxidizing a kiln during the firing cycle - the norm with electric kilns. Read More...

A Must See! "Ceramic Arts - Daily News"
Feb, 28 2005
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There's yet another section of called “Ceramic Arts - Daily News.” I believe this page is one of my best resources that I have created thus far. It includes over 30 links, updated daily, to articles written across the world in local papers about Ceramic Arts. Read More...
by Andy Clift

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