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All Level Ceramic Art Manuals (See Claystation Book Store to see specific categories, such as throwing, hand-building, and glazes.)

Recommended Books for intermediate, advanced students, and professionals, also appropraite for intro students that plan on continuing their education in Ceramics.

Recommended Introductory Books

Articles on A Ceramic Arts Education

The Future of Ceramics - A forum in response to the closure of ceramics at the VCA considered the road ahead.

The MFA Conudrum Google Groups / ClayArt ListServ - Post to Clayart by Jonathan Kaplan


Exhibiting Your Work


Continuing Your Education

College and Universities Ceramic Art programs with BA, BFA, and MFA degrees

Private and Community Studios offering classes to study the Ceramic Arts


Current Upcoming Workshops Advertised on the ClayStation's Opportunity in Clay

Permanent Workshop Lists, Links and Resources for finding workshops


Project Ideas and Techniques
Assignments Links to Techniques
Pinch Pots (Hand-Building) Pinch Construction Links
Slab Mugs (Hand-Building) Slab Construction Links
Coil Vase (Hand-Building) Coil Construction Links
5 Cylinders / Mugs (Throwing) Cylinder Throwing Links
Covered Container (HB&orT) Covered Container (HB&orT)
5 Bowls (Throwing) Bowl Throwing Links
5 Vases (Throwing) Vase Throwing Links
10 Shapes Sculpture (HB&orT) Ceramic Sculpture Links
Descriptive Teapot (HB&orT) Teapot Links
Artifact Recreation (HB&orT) Ceramic Art History Links

Andy's Students

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