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Conferences: Organizations that hold conferences supporting ceramic arts.

Communal Studios: List of links and resources to find a communal studio near you.

Educational Directory

Exhibition Directory

  • Galleries: Links to galleries that often exhibit Ceramics.
  • Shows: Popular or Annual Shows exhibiting Ceramic Art.
  • Museums: Museums that have permanent Ceramic art, or often exhibit Ceramic art.
  • Call for Entries: A list of exhibitions that call for entries on an annual basis.

Fairs: List of links and resources for artists and collectors to find fairs selling Ceramic Art.

Grants: List of links and resources for clay artists interested in apply for grants to help supports their work.

Jobs: List of links and resources for clay artists looking for jobs related to clay.

Residencies: Directory of programs that offer residencies for clay artists.

Travel: Directory of travel programs for clay artists.

Workshops: List of links and resources for finding clay related workshops



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