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NCECA the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts home page conference, exhibition and scholarship info, and a picture of the board.

Ceramic Arts Road Show Symposium!

The Ceramic Sculpture Conference CCAC

Ceramic Millennium - Home Page This event will bring together the great thinkers, writers, makers and "movers and shakers" of our ceramics world to map out a rewarding path to the next millennium.

World Ceramic Art Village Becoming an international base for the 21st century The art of ceramics is one born of earth and fire. Seto, which has built up this culture over the course of 1300 years, may justly be called the global mecca of ceramic art, and it is here in Seto that we intend to build a World Ceramic Art Village. The World Ceramic Art Village, to be created on the lush natural site for the International Exposition in 2005, will be a place where one may turn away from mass-production, mass-consumption society.

Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia The 9th National Ceramics Conference started with Master Class workshops and drew to a close with fun, laughter, and high jinks in the Clay Olympics. Delegates from five continents attended, a total of ninety eight addresses, slide presentations and events. Some forty one extremely diverse exhibitions were also available for delegates to visit, many of which received critical acclaim from national and state newspapers.

China Ceramic Cultural Exchange China Ceramic Cultural Exchange is an international organization supported by the China Ceramic Council of PR of China to promote artist exchange in the ceramics field between the west and China. The main focus is a 1 month conference/workshop/related-travel program in May-June of each year. A residency program at the Sanbao International Ceramic Working Village will be inaguated for June of 2000. This program is open to all artists, instructors, collectors and lovers of chinese ceramics and the history and traditions surrounding it

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