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Claystation's Mission Outline
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The first and foremost goal of the Claystation is to be the best navigational tool that guides one with ease through a united world wide web of ceramics.

Other Important Goals

  • Create a valuable Educational Resource for the field of Ceramic Arts
  • Create an Environment where those who are interested in Art can easily find the artist.
  • Create a website that helps support the lifestyle a potter, ceramic artist, sculptor and crafters. creative inspiration , communities and


Types of Resources the ClayStation Provides:

Here is just a few resources the ClayStation provides


Types of Services the ClayStation Provides:

  • Designs Web Pages for Ceramic Artists, Suppliers, Schools, Students.
  • Sells ceramic work online
  • Opportunities to advertise within the super cheap ClayStation Banner Network. Pottery Making Illustrated, Pottery and Big have all ready taking advantage of this great offer. Think about joining them today!
  • ClayStation Conveyor (Online Newsletter) Presents the latest info on ceramics provided on the net.
  • Annual Virtual Ceramic Exhibition Claystation 2000


Future Features of the ClayStation:

  • Studio Cam
  • Sorry, I can't give to much away, make sure you stay tuned because theres much more in store for the future.

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