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Let There be Fire!Let there be fire!

The Creation of
Thank you for entering Andy Clift's ClayStation. The ClayStation started as a very small web project that incorporated some ceramic techniques I use, as well as an online gallery to show some of my ceramic pieces. As you use the ClayStation you will see that it has become much, much more.The Goal of the ClayStation is to be the best navigation tool that guides one with ease through the world wide web of ceramics. Within the ClayStation you will find information that I have provided myself, like glaze formulas, clay related techniques, upcoming shows you can enter, plus lots of other valuable information. Click Here to see the ClayStation Mission Outline. You will also find links to other sites that will take you directly to the category you are all ready in. For example if you are in the ClayStation's Technical under the category of Firing Techniques -- you might be looking up the information I have for raku firing. There you will see the ClayStation's information, plus links that will take you directly to links like Minnesota Clay's Raku technical information. The link won't just take you to another home page making you have to start all over again to get back into the raku firing category.The growth of the ClayStation depends on you! If you have anything you would like to add to the ClayStation like a url, an article, technique, or anything else please go to the add link category. Also if you would like to advertise your company or a show on my site, make a donation to this project or have a suggestion to where I could get some funding for this project please, email me. 

I heard a voice from inside my kiln. The Kiln Gods have spoken to me. They said, "Create thee best web site you can for thou Ceramic Arts." Then again, maybe I just heard a couple of pieces blowing up during my bisque firing. -Andy Clift

About The Creator
Currently, I am living in Redlands, southern California. A few years ago, my wife, Katie accepted a job here, so we ventured across the country from Newark Delaware -- Katie's hometown and where I attended Graduate School. I am currently teaching ceramics in the SoCal Area, at the University of Redlands, and Mount San Jacinto College.

Finding a balance between teaching ceramic art, working on this web site, renovating our new/old 1902 house, and creating a body of art work has not been easy, but I enjoy doing each of them.

Please enjoy the new version of the Clay Station. I look forward to sharing my passion towards clay with anyone interested.

If you are interested in learning more about my experiences see my Job Portfolio, or if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please send me an e-mail.

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